Aaron Pollock “I Don’t Drink Whiskey Anymore”

Calgary native, Aaron Pollock, catches up with CMJ’s Patrice Whiffen to chat about his time in quarantine, and his brand new single, “I Don’t Drink Whiskey Anymore.” He shares the story behind the tune, the songwriting process, and working with producers Justin Kudding and Spencer Cheyne.

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Teigen Gayse Releases Self-Titled Album You Won’t Want To Miss

Kelowna native, Teigen Gayse, catches up with CMJ’s Patrice Whiffen to chat about her 8-song album! The record showcases Teigen’s vocal talent, songwriting and topics that are relatable to all listeners! Teigen fills us in on her start in country music, and what to expect from the record.

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‘More’ From Canadian Country Artist, Matt Lang

We caught up with Matt Lang to chat all about his music, including his influences and his rise to Canadian country music stardom after winning Sirius XM’s Top of the Country last September. Matt shares the story of his first trip to Nashville, as well as what fans can expect from his new album, ‘More.’

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Catching Up With Alexis Taylor


We caught up with Alexis Taylor to chat all about her music, including her influences and unique sound. She also shares the story behind her songwriting, and her move to Nashville. Alexis also talks about some of the tunes you can check out on her website!

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Kelsi Mayne’s ‘As I Go’

b_W1sicmVzaXplIiwxMjAwXSxbIm1heCJdLFsid2UiXV0=We caught up with Kelsi Mayne to chat all about her brand new album, As I Go! This 11-track project has been three years in the making, and we’re so excited to finally hear what she’s been working on! Kelsi shares her favourite tunes from the album, as well as what she’s been doing to stay busy during this extra time at home!

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Introducing, One Ugly Cowboy

One Ugly CowboyWe caught up with Jane and Richard of One Ugly Cowboy to chat all about their music! We find out the story behind their unique band name, and some of their tunes! We learn more about their live shows, and what to expect next from this Toronto-based country-rock band!

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Karli June “Say Too Much”


We caught up with Karli June to chat all about her new tune, “Say Too Much.” Co-written and produced by Scott Chesak of The All-American Rejects, this song is a powerful anthem that you’ll surely want to keep on repeat! We also chatted about Karli’s radio tour, and what’s next for this rising star.

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Catching Up With Country Newcomer, Jessica Sevier


After speaking with Jessica Sevier, it’s clear that 2020 is going to be HER year! This eighteen year old Ontario native has penned over 50 songs, and is impressing audiences across the province with her strong vocal talent, and her ability to tell stories in musical form. Her rock-country vibe provides listeners with a refreshing new spin on traditional country music, and this is particularly evident in her new tune, “Jani.” In our interview with Jessica, she fills us in on the stories behind her songs, and what’s next for this rising star!

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Listen to the exclusive interview with Jessica Sevier, here!

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Danielle Todd’s “Back Burner”

b_W10=CMJ’s Patrice Whiffen chats with country music artist, Danielle Todd!

Danielle talks about her brand new tune, “Back Burner,” sharing the story behind the song. She also talks about touring across Canada, and moving to Nashville! For more information about Danielle Todd, check out more here!

Listen to the exclusive interview with Danielle Todd, here!

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