Bobby Wills’ “Crazy Enough” Review by Coral’s Country

Bobby WillsEvery once in a while we join forces with our friends at Coral’s Country, to bring us some reviews of great music!

We’re pleased to have partnered this time to bring you a review for Bobby Wills’ new album, ‘Crazy Enough,’ which hit stores and radio airwaves on June 24, 2014.

Check it out!


Coral’s Country: If I had to describe Bobby Wills’ latest album in one word it would be: Real and Solid. Okay, so I used two words.

The Canadian country star is bringing back some real, raw country in his latest project ‘Crazy Enough.’ Canada loves it, America loves it, and radio certainly loves it as ‘Never Didn’t Love You’ was the Number 1 track added during its release week. ‘Crazy Enough’ really is a solid set of songs.  It’s the kind of CD that you would need in your car at all times, for all moods. Bobby Wills sets the bar high with such a lyrically empowering and musically enjoyable track list.  Here’s a little snapshot of a few of my favorites!

Track by Track

1) Still Something There

2) All Kinds of Wrong

3) That’s Where You Come In – Garth Brooks much?? So good.

4) Crazy Enough – Line dancing anyone?? It reminds me of college when we had ‘Country Night’ on Thursday nights.  “I’m a little bit of water with a whiskey twist”.

5) That’s Why I Pray

6) Undressed – “I think that a heart is at its best, undressed”

7) Never Didn’t Love You – I can see why this track is so popular. Killer hook with a great message.

8) The End Of The Day – Well if this track didn’t almost make me tear up…

9) So Much For Taking It

10) With You

Check out more from Bobby here! And if you’re feeling “crazy enough” order yourself a copy…or two! I know I’m going to!