Introducing Award Winning Australian Country Duo – The Wolfe Brothers


We caught up with Aussie duo, The Wolfe Brothers! Check out the full interview, here!

When did you both begin making music together, and what was the moment when you decided to make this a career?

Being brothers from a musical family, we were born into it and had no choice in the matter. We’re fourth generation musicians/farmers – an interesting combo haha! But nonetheless it’s in our blood and it was inevitable that we would be involved in music somehow, and we’re extremely grateful that music is what we’ve been able to call our ‘real job’ for the better part of the last decade.  We put our first EP out in 2010 and its been a crazy chain of events since then but even before that we were playing in cover bands together. 

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard your music?

We’re just really big music fans and we both listen to a very eclectic mix of artists and genres. We love traditional country as much as we love hair metal and many other things in between and I think little elements of it all find their way into the music we make. That said, it’s always been the case that when we write, country is what shines through the most.  Like many, the honesty and the story telling aspect is what draws us to country. So I guess I’d describe us as a country with a little bit of everything. Also, Australian pub-rock is kind of a big part of our heritage so it’ll be interesting to see how that translates in Canada and other parts of the world. 

What story do you tell in your single, “No Brakes”? 

“No Brakes” is all about going all in, full speed ahead! We’re in a really exciting and happy place in our lives and career at the moment and the song is a great reflection of that. In the past we’ve covered more dark and serious topics but right now, to mark our first release under our international deal with BMG “No Brakes” is perfect. We’re just really to work hard, go all in and see where this chapter of the journey takes us.

What’s next for you musically? 

We’re putting finishing touches on our 5th study album and our first under BMG. We’ve really tried to write this one with our live show in mind more than any other album before. It’s going to be such a good feeling to have it wrapped up and out there so we can get down to business, hit the road and let these tunes do what they were designed to do – entertain and make people feel good!  

How can fans get in touch? 

We’d love people to follow us on all the usual social media platforms, we get a real kick out of it when we see folks from the other side of the world interacting with us there. During this past months the Covid 19 this has been our only way of getting out to our fans and it’s been really nice to keep up the contact and be there for each other.